Egle Zukiene

HD Analyst, Kaunas, Lithuania

Type: Generator                         
Profile: 2 / 4


HD analyst:

  • Personality Analysis

All of us have experienced the fluctuating wave of life. It is no problem when we experience the joy of life and satisfaction with who we are and what we are doing in life. But when this bright side of our life turns into the dark night of the soul, we are inevitably forced to go off the beaten track where we get entangled by our brilliant restless mind and feel exhausted by our wavering emotions. Consequently, we get lost in the maze of our own life which we have ingeniously designed ourselves. No doubt, it is the natural rhythm of life, trial and error reality with no escape or bypass. At this moment of life, we have the only choice – to rely on our heart, intuition and get practical tools that could help us survive and find our own way out of the labyrinth.

Human Design is one of the possible instruments that will always lead you to the starting point – to the initial crossroad of who you are, the authentic you and the way you are designed to function in this life. That is not a remedy from all the problems in life, but it brings great relief to rely on yourself not only intuitively, but also to see the visual expression and justification of the unique structure and design you are individually designed. Knowledge is the power that enhances our inner driving force and perseverance to navigate through life. After we experience and accept our unique Self, only then do we get ready to know the other one in our close or distant proximity without persistently trying to change the other person and his nature. Not only do we realise that it is pointless, but also that it is hopelessly depleting our energy reservoir. There are considerably more important things and goals in life to pursue, towards which we have to direct our productive energy efficiently.

This is how I personally experienced different issues throughout my own life journey. Being a mother of five children and living in a family of seven, I have personally encountered a huge spectre of challenges not only on a personal plane but also regarding the relationships with my loved ones and people coming from the outer world. Human Design was the tool that was of great help to all the seven of us: to acknowledge, perceive, understand and accept the distinctive nature of every single being. This is the training ground to accept the huge diversity of life and accept everybody being unique. Nobody promised it will be easy, but at least it could turn into the starting point of the reconciliation process.