Nikita Pankevich

BG5 Consultant
Professional HD translator
speaks English, French and Russian

Type: Manifesting Generator                         
Profile: 1 / 3

Poslannikov per., 11/14–66
Moscow 105005
Tel.: +7 916 170 9779 (Russia)

BG5 consultant:

  • BG5 Consultant and Engineer

 HD analyst:

  • PTL1 level of education
  • ATL 4 level of education

HD teacher:

My Business Offers:

Career Profile Overview
General Business orientation, individual strengths
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Alpha One Analysis™
Individual management qualities

Beta Two Analysis™
Business Partnership analysis

BG5 Business Analysis
Team Analysis (up to 6 members)

BG5 Engineering
Developing your individual management qualities
Building the best possible team

OC16 Basics
Team Analysis (from 6 members upwards)

Having rich and various vital experiences outside of Human Design, investigating life in many forms and kinds, settled in multicultural environment, being sensitive and eager for discoveries I love the perspective and unique possibilities Human Design offers.