Subramanyam Kalavala

HD Analyst, licensed 2016

Type: Manifestor
Profile: 3 / 6

Subramanyam Kalavala
4/11 Rose Street
Port Macquarie, NSW
Australia 2444
Tel: +61415610689


Language: English only

HD analyst:

  • Personality Analysis

About me:
Born in India, at the age of 18 migrated to Australia. Completed Computer Engineer degree and a Teaching degree in Australia, currently working as a High School Teacher.

Throughout my life, I have been exploring the metaphysical sciences. I gained the practical understanding of the Spiritual concepts by exploring the Indian Mythological stories like Ramayan, Mahabharat etc. I learnt Pranic healing and Chakra Meditations developed by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui and healed myself from chrons disease. I have learnt many Mantra Meditations from Dr. Bhaskaran Pillai. I have self-taught Western Astrology and Numerology which helped me to gain self-understanding and self-awareness to some extent. Monitoring the planetary movements, its alignments and the numerological cycles and the vibration of the numbers has helped me to pace myself and navigate through ups and downs of life smoothly.

However, I have not been able to function at an optimal level. Only after I have been introduced to Human Design System, I have gained a better understanding of my authentic self and my life purpose. Following my strategy and inner authority has reduced the stress and resistance in my life. Thanks to Human Design system, it has helped me to have better understanding of people which in turn helped me to have better relationships and better health. I love Human Design System and I have been exploring Human Design System for the last 5 years and my purpose in life is to educate as many people as I can to function at an optimum level.