Nikita Pankevich

BG5 Consultant and Engineer, HD Analyst


Type: Manifesting Generator                         
Profil: 1 / 3

Moscow, Russia
Tel. Whatsapp, Telegram: +7 916 170 9779
Language: English, French and Russian



BG5 Analyst:

  • Career and Business Consultant

HD Analyst:

  • Personality Analysis

My Business Offers:

  • Career Profile Overview, General Business orientation, individual strengths
  • Alpha One Analysis, Individual management qualities
  • Beta Two Analysis, Business Partnership analysis
  • BG5 Business Analysis, Team Analysis (up to 6 members)
  • BG5 Engineering, Developing your individual management qualities
Building the best possible team
  • OC16 Basics, Team Analysis (from 6 members upwards)
  • BG5 and OC16 Trainings and Education


My HDS Offers:

  • Foundation Readings

While many consultants say it is a long-term process, I say you can start helping yourself right away. With Human Design’s BG5 technique you will see what to do.

While others try to convince you to obtain wisdom from them, I explain how to see it inside the person you are now. Well, it will take some time too.

Father of three grown-ups, expert in media, arts, publishing and design, having rich life experience—all this serves to the core understanding of what’s life is. Though, this process has no end obviously. I love telling people about their design, my satisfaction comes from the discoveries we make with my clients together.