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BG5 Small Business Analysis & Engineering. Improve your material life

BG5 is a new consulting model utilizing innovative tools to help individuals find their optimum place in the work world and help small businesses improve their financial operations and work team efficiency. There is the work you were born to do… and love. And then there is the work you just LEARNED to do.


BG5 Consulting can help tell you the difference:


Would you like to transform your material life ?


  • Would you like to discover your unique personal business potential?
  • Do you need to improve your bottom line or have more positive cash flow?
  • Would you like to have (know) the keys to satisfaction and success in the workplace?

BG5 Consulting utilizes revolutionary tools to help any individual find their optimum place in the work world and help small businesses improve their profits, cash flow and efficiency.



BG5 Consultants can quickly pinpoint:


  • your unique skills, traits and attributes
  • a tailored program for career transitions and material success
  • whether you should work alone, in a partnership or in a group
  • simple, non-confrontational alternatives to improve communication and minimizing conflicts
  • triggers affecting satisfaction & limiting success


BG5 Consultants can identify:

  • Gaps and weak points in productivity
  • Solutions to improve satisfaction and customer satisfaction
  • Insights for recruitment

AND Engineer:

  • The best team(s) to achieve maximum financial potential
  • Fine-tuning & staffing during business expansion

No two problems are the same, so contact a BG5 Consultant to discuss YOUR needs.



The Background:

BG5 Birth data is used in BG5 Consulting as a key for analysing the individual genetic imprint for precision engineering and planning purposes – it is the foundation on which your entire life can improve – this knowledge is quite likely ‘the missing link’ in your quest for success and satisfaction on the material plane.


The Analysts:

Our consultants reside throughout the world, speak many languages and appreciate cultural diversity. They possess a wide range of business backgrounds and interests so you can connect with the correct person to meet your needs.

The Offer:

BG5 Consulting offers a methodology unlike any other for career understanding and solid business solutions to improve your material life. BG5 Consultants use innovative and proprietary tools and software that go beyond what other business consultants can offer.




Career Profile Overview

Each individual has a unique blueprint for their material success. As a first step, using comparative analysis, this brief overview identifies whether working alone or with others activates your greatest material potential. You’ll walk away with a clear understanding what environment(s) you are ideally suited to succeed in – solo, partnerships, small business groups (Penta), and/or large corporate groups (OC16) and how best to communicate and make decisions when in these environments. Intended to give you a quick, fresh look at the best direction for you and a sample of how this type of consulting can benefit you, whether you are just starting out as a student or are a seasoned professional looking to improve or change your working situation.

Please order your CAREER PROFILE overview  HERE

Alpha One Analysis™

Where the Career Profile indicates your ideal setting; the Alpha One Profile offers a more extensive personal business profile analysis of the skills, traits and attributes that will support your success.



Beta Two Analysis™

Analyses the key aspects of any business partnership, shows how 2 specific individuals can cooperate the most efficiently. Who should play which part? Are there potentials for conflict – and how to handle them. Does the partnership lead to additional and new qualities?


BG5 Small Business Analysis

BG5 Consultants accurately and efficiently analyze the dynamics, potential and problems of any working group. They offer practical and effective recommendations for transforming the bottom line based on their analysis using the exclusive NTWBusiness software.


BG5 Alpha One Consultancy & Engineering

BG5 Alpha One Consultancy helps you implement recommended improvements by delivering ongoing consulting services to business groups and their directors. It offers executives and group leaders the personal insights and training necessary to work more effectively and profitably with their groups, teams and divisions. With BG5 Engineering, our consultants support you through several improvement phases including, recruitment, reorganization, and expansion efforts.


OC16 Basics

Growing a small group (max. 6 people) into a large one – a sometimes difficult step in a company’s development. OC 16 – the mechanics of large groups and/or the interplay of a couple of small groups – can help you master this next step successfully or restructure existing teams for more efficiency.