Carmen Nespor

BG5 Consultant and Engineer

Type: Manifesting Generator                          Profil: 5 / 1

Contact: Encinitas, California, USA


BG5 Analyst:

  • Career and Business Consultant

Human Design is a very efficient tool to analyze who you are, holistically, and to discover your authenticity. I have been using it since 2009 for myself in all different areas of life, personal, relationships, parenting and in career and business! It offers a clear way of navigation how you can live your life best as yourself, taking decisions that work for you, not against you, both in personal life and business/career life.

The BG5 and Business application helps to guide, individually, how to operate best on the material plane as yourself, in the best career environment, based on your uniqueness, to find most satisfaction and success. Also in business teams the BG5 application helps us to see why and where a team does not work well or is not profitable, and, most important, what to do to improve it to become a successful team/organization. From 2016-2022 I consulted a (newly formed) animal hospital business organization in the hiring and building of their successful hospital team of 11+ employees.