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we recommend LYD in IBIZA

 Analyst Trainings




with Martin GRASSINGER, Susan McMurry and Ilse SENDLER in 2019 for details click HERE

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BG 5 & OC 16 basics

Human Design Business, Ilse Sendler
info about the course, click HERE

new course, semester 1, starting SPRING 2019

you need a good understanding/education in HDS, minimum Rave Cartography, I recommend analyst or professional training Level 3

per Semester (seven 90 minute lectures/semester),
€ 900,-
plus exclusive Software


The Planetary Key, Martin Grassinger

The common interpretation of the planets derived from traditional astrology. But Human Design is more than just the sum of its parts. After 25+ years of working with Design in his daily practice as a holistic therapist Martin has a special understanding guided by the bodygraph and the Rave I Ging. Instead of just putting an old interpretation to a new system he will show you a new and exciting perspective which will give you a much deeper understanding of your own chart and those of your clients – in both a physical and psychological way.

now available as DOWNLOAD, order at:

you need a basic understanding/education in HDS

€ 400,-

How to draw / calculate a Chart

Calculating a Rave Chart

Calculating and drawing a rave chart by hand is (or should be) part of the LYD training. It is a nice way to get a feel for it, and it can certainly be useful if you have no computer/HD software at hand. I was asked a couple of times if I would like to show this – so – here it comes, let me invite you to a ‘retro-evening’ to learn the trick.

Calculating a rave chart, without HD software, online evening with Ilse Sendler
Thursday, February 21st, 18:00 – 19:30 MET (17:00 – 18:30 GMT), 27, – Euro
Register at:

Open House

OPEN HOUSE, December 10th, 2018

please join us – Martin Grassinger (ATL 1), Ilse Sendler (ATL 2 and 4) and Susan McMurry (ATL 3) – for our FREE open house on Dec. 10th 19:00 MET (18:00 GMT) about the new round of analyst training starting in January 2019
please register (to get your LINK at. )