Basic Trainings

Prerequsite for ATL and PTL training: personal reading, Living Your Design, Rave ABC, Rave Cartography

 Analyst Trainings




with Martin Grassinger, Ilse Sendler and Daniela Kasischke, for details click HERE

 Special Interest Courses





BG 5 & OC 16 basics

Human Design Business, Ilse Sendler
info about the course, click HERE

next round (3 semester) starting in WINTER 2022/23 
planned for Mondays and Wednesday, 18:00 – 19:30 MEST (Vienna, summertime), 16:00 – 17:30 GMT / UT
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minimum education: Rave Cartography, recommended ATL or PTL 3

Cost: per Semester (seven 90 minute lectures/semester),
€ 900,-
plus exclusive Software

Information and contact:


DOWNLOAD, The LOVE Trap (Sept. 2020)

“Why do we fall for one but not the other? How and where does a love (or business) relationship start?”
2 online sessions (emotional and non-emotional relationship entry points) with Ilse Sendler

a good understanding of LD basics, ideally ATL or PTL partnership

Cost: 140,- €



DOWNLOAD, The Amino Acids, Martin Grassinger (Nov. 2020)

‘The affairs of the hexagrams’
more information HERE

you need a basic understanding/education in HDS

Cost: € 600,-



DOWNLOAD, The Planetary Key, Martin Grassinger

The common interpretation of the planets derived from traditional astrology. But Human Design is more than just the sum of its parts. After 25+ years of working with Design in his daily practice as a holistic therapist Martin has a special understanding guided by the bodygraph and the Rave I Ging. Instead of just putting an old interpretation to a new system he will show you a new and exciting perspective which will give you a much deeper understanding of your own chart and those of your clients – in both a physical and psychological way.

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you need a basic understanding/education in HDS

Cost: € 600,-

How to draw / calculate a Chart

DOWNLOAD, Calculating a Rave Chart

Calculating and drawing a rave chart by hand is (or should be) part of the LYD training. It is a nice way to get a feel for it, and it can certainly be useful if you have no computer/HD software at hand. I was asked a couple of times if I would like to show this – so – here it comes, let me invite you to a ‘retro-evening’ to learn the trick.

Calculating a rave chart, without HD software, online with Ilse Sendler
27, – Euro
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Open House

BG5 OPEN HOUSE & workshop
September 25th 2019

WATCH the recording

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