Dr. Daniela Kasischke

Analyst and teacher

Type: Generator

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Dr. Daniela Kasischke
Hamburg, Germany
Tel.: +49-1714178021

E-Mail: daniela.kasischke@icloud.com



BG5 Analyst:

Individual- and Team Analyses

HD Analyst

Personality Analysis
Partnership Analysis
Family Analysis
Business Analysis
Health Analysis (by M. Grassinger)

Human Design Teacher

Living Design
HD Basics
HD Analyst Training  level 1-4
Health 1 & 2

When I discovered Human Design 20 years ago, I was living in Sweden, working as a psychologist, systemic coach, team developer, with systemic family constellation, “Living Value Education” for children, parents and teachers and as an intercultural leadership trainer. I realized immediately: this tool – the Human Design System – is the essence that complemented everything and brought it to the point. Since then I am deeply connected to this perfectly fitting tool to discover one´s Self.

Human Design is a very efficient method to analyze who you really are, to discover the authentic and unique person you were born to be. It offers a clear direction how you can master your life with true wisdom and to purify yourself from all the foreign conditionings. This awareness of your unique potentials and your purpose in life leads you to a brighter, powerful, successful, peaceful and fulfilled life and guides you on your individual path.

This knowledge and acceptance of our unique Self helps to perceive all the conditionings, beliefs and programs we have lived to get appreciation and love. We can start to dissolve these conditionings to get free to be who we really are. We can face life in a new way and accept the huge diversity of life and to accept everybody being unique and different. With this view we get ready to know the other one without trying to change but to look with more understanding and loving eyes on the different nature of others.

My special concern is to support people on their personal and professional path.
My intention is to encourage them to recognize their true nature and to live their uniqueness, to bring their talents into the world and thus lead a happy, clear and healthy life that corresponds to their individual personality. Children and family systems are particularly close to my heartThe Human Design is also so helpful for parents to understand the special nature and talents of their children and to support them according to their true nature and individual abilities.Human Design provides a clear distinction of what should be accepted (because this is the authentic Me) and where change is possible.This is also so valuable on a professional level, in teams and collaborations.

We are all born unique, but most die copies”

 My offers: Personal HDS-Analysis, also for couples, families, children, health and business.Plus an accompaniment and support on a deeper level for the personal development.