Frank Geraerts

BG5 Consultant

Type: Manifestor
Profile: 6 / 2

Ir. F.B.M. (Frank) Geraerts
Projectmanagement, business-development

Havenstraat 3
6211 GJ Maastricht

+31 (0)6 54284344



BG5 Consultant

  •  BG5 Consultant and Engineer

HD Analyst:

HD Teacher



My Business Offers:


Career Profile Overview
General Business orientation, individual strengths

Alpha One Analysis™
Individual management qualities

Beta Two Analysis™
Business Partnership analysis

BG5 Business Analysis
Team Analysis (up to 6 members)

BG5 Engineering
Developing your individual management qualities
Building the best possible team

OC16 Basics
Team Analysis (from 6 members upwards)