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Type: Projector

Profile: 3 / 5

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BG5 consultant:

  • BG5 Consultant and Engineer

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Career Profile Overview
General Business orientation, individual strengths
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Alpha One Analysis™
Individual management qualities

Beta Two Analysis™
Business Partnership analysis

BG5 Business Analysis
Team Analysis (up to 6 members)

BG5 Engineering
Developing your individual management qualities
Building the best possible team

OC16 Basics
Team Analysis (from 6 members upwards)

I’ve been practicing mostly one on one guidance with BG5 and for me Human Design on my 7 year experiment just verifies itself profoundly. The mechanics of it is precise, accurate and relevant. More and more people turn their attention to receive the direction in their material reality. This tool makes it easy to rely on and to provide vividly what is necessary for the individual or for the group as far as there is openness, resonance and readiness to change. It is like a jigsaw falling into place. 

As for the group engineering – I’ve played a lot in a movement/somatic/theatre/performance/festival environment with it. 

The most fascinating is that it is visible and palpable right away in a physical space.
Which means it does not take time to see the results, the result is this wholistic connectivity and communion, that is completely prepared to deal with a task, and even cannot wait to ask for it to start moving towards the goal. 

The moment you put 5 people into a functional Penta, the pulling magnetism of it is so big, no one can take their eyes off. 
The Penta is a real force, in which if people are correct for it, deeply enjoy the interaction between themselves, creating the aura of satisfaction and joy. 
It is like one unit of a honeycomb effortlessly being filled with honey.

I feel Penta has a capactiy to inspire other groups to start being engineered into more productive and successful manifestation of business, work, projects, start ups, building reality towards sustainability and resonance. 

This course with Ilse Sendler is a must have in your education as a Consultant degree in the original Human Design BG5 course or as a valuable extension of your Analytical basis.  It is an inspiring time filled with clarity, humor and professionalism that initiates you into application of the knowledge in a grounded and confident way within any level of business environments as well as material every day life reality.