The Amino Acids, Martin Grassinger

‘The affairs of the hexagrams’

We usually think the true relationship for a lifelong marriage of a single hexagram is naturally with the harmonic gate (forming a definition). It seems to be absolutely perfect, they both have the same energy format, they are in the same circuit, and – like in real life where one and one equals three – together they can give birth to something new: a definition. How romantic.

But in real life most of the hexagrams have affairs with other hexagrams from totally different centers, circuits and definitions. In fact, on the biochemical level these hidden relationships are much closer to each other than to the harmonic gate.

Being a synthesis of esoteric and exoteric sciences, the HDS shows us the correlation between the I’Ching and the Genetic Code. It is the fascinating merging point where far eastern philosophy from several thousand years ago unites with current western science. Through this correlation every single hexagram can be associated with a specific amino acid. While only a few amino acids are represented by a single hexagram, most of them are built by several hexagrams spread all over the bodygraph, independent of centers, circuits or definitions, and the way we have learned to look at the bodygraph in order to understand the way we are functioning. So, you will see what your root-center has in common with your Ajna-Center, what impact your G-Center has (and must have) on your root, etc. Without all of these different affairs life would not be possible.

Amino acids are the prerequisite for every action in your metabolism. The ability to live out your incarnation cross (and your geometry in life – the nodes of the moon) is rooted in specific biochemical activities in your body. This seminar is not about chemical structures or formulas, it is about identifying all the affairs that make life possible and allow us to experience our physical reality. It is about an additional perspective, a totally different approach towards the content of the bodygraph. It will give you enlightening insights that you could never have looking at a chart the usual way. Therefore, the affairs of the hexagrams not only give you a deeper understanding of yourself, but also provide you with additional insights for your reading clients.

you need a basic understanding/education in HDS

Cost: € 600,-, 8 two hour zoom sessions, mp4 video

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