I took PTL1 with Ilse and Martin because Cathy Kinnaird mentioned in another class that they were doing an excellent job. I had already taken this class in another school, I am already an analyst, so it was just for me, and it was a pure delight. Not only the provided information was amazing and beautifully explained but you could really feel the love for HD and what they do is so present in all the knowledge they transmit. I really enjoyed it and I look forward to take more classes with them. Thank you so much Ilse and Martin, you are wonderful!

Alex P.

I just finished the recent Analyst Training with Ilse Sendler and Martin Grassinger. I am still impressed how close to what we call life the HD teaching can be. We all know that HD language is an impressive, fast-and-furious tool to grasp things. But some of us notice that it just doesn’t work with clients who did not spend fortunes and years for HD education. And we all hear it all around. As soon as one makes first steps in HD the first thing this one starts is speaking this ‚canine‘ language to their friends and relates. They just start to rebroadcast the Knowledge without giving a fuck to assimilate it first and translate it to the language of life we all use. This is impressive, quite a nice way to hook up girls in a library but totally confusing and leading people away from any possible solution of everyday’s questions. This is a knowledge of life and about life.

With Ilse and Martin it’s just the contrary. Ilse teaches us to use ’normal‘ words and requires to work in class and speak usual language. This is quite a job I must confess. I hate homeworks of course. But what about working in class? I never saw such a vivid group as ours. The atmosphere of friendliness, deep interest to each other and the feeling of common business is the best way to be involved even for me tending to avoid social activities and attracting attention in groups. I enjoyed this ride very much. I keep as treasures all the discoveries made in classes with Ilse and Martin. And I still envy my co-students who could come to Ilse’s Summer Live Class by the Gemeindesee.

This training is the next level in my professional life, the giant leap towards my tempting and challenging summit where I see a bodygraph not as a map or blueprint anymore but I feel and hear the life telling me a story, a movie of the person in front of me.
It’s like having my eyes washed from sand and sleepy fog. 
Thank you Ilse Sendler, thank you Martin Grassinger! You are the best. I am very grateful to your kindness, my dear Fourth Lines.
Nikita Pankevich

I’m a 1/3 Projector with the channel of Depth/Talent 48-16 and Curiosity 11-56 as my definition. I am terribly curious about every detail, insecure and need to go DEEP as a result. I’ve taken a number of courses at IHDS and felt like it was a complete waste of my precious money and time! I got in magnitude less out of them than listening to Ra’s self-study audios. I’ve taken ATL and BG5 with Ilse Sendler, and it has been the absolute BEST investment and value for what I’ve received, a 180 from IHDS. Ilse has a way with teaching that is just GORGEOUS. Her voice and tone are gorgeous, warm, soothing, just easy on my eardrums, the way she shares her knowledge is effortlessly magnanimous, and generous- she teaches so much more than Ra’s courses and IHDS combined. She has a way with her words that I understand and feel capable and secure at the end of each class and course. Everything she says makes sense, easily! She is so loving!!! I trust HDAustria and Ilse more than I can trust any other teacher out there yet. She is a Perfect teacher, truly. It is an honour and privilege to continue to receive my HD education from her and those she chooses for her school. If you are on the fence or undecided, just CHOOSE ILSE, for every course she teaches.  I love Ilse!

Martin is an extremely detailed in-depth knowledge god. Your brain will swirl with joy for all the you received from him at the end of his classes. Other teachers who studied with Ra have taken Martin’s courses, till today! 😉 His particular knowledge is Vast and he shares so much of his personal experiences. I enjoyed his ATL1 and planets course!  He is a precious gem and a must-study-with as well before he is gone. Grab this precious opportunity. I am grateful I did. These Germans/Austrians are in a league of their own. Truth.