Analyst Training, Level 1 – 4

HDS professionals should be well trained and – most important – should have completed their own experience and deconditioning process. As we all know this takes years. Ra Uru Hu was very clear that nobody should analyse or train others before, so originally we were talking about at least 7 years of training before you should turn to others…

But this was of course not practical. Most people cannot spend money without making any, so very soon we arrived at a minimum of 3,5 years before becoming an analyst, and then 2 years of practical application and further training before becoming a teacher.

This worked well for a little while, and then the ‘LYD guide’ was ‘invented’ – nearly all professionals at the time were opposed to it. We all agreed with Ra’s original opinion that the first ‘course’ (LYD) should be given by the very best and most experienced professionals… but greed and politics were stronger than reason! So HD schools today – with the exception of our German speaking school – try and pack most of the information into ABC and Rave Cartography, ‘train’ guides and often ‘forget’ about all the rest.

For many years (since 2003) we have been training analysts the way that Ra originally implemented it:
LYD, ABC and RC are the basics, followed by the 4 levels of analyst training (gates, partnership, crosses, and keynoting/rave reading). Only THEN do you get licensed as analyst, only then should you give readings, only then CAN you be qualified to guide others. (Becoming a teacher is another, further step!) This first licence is for foundation readings only! (After all, this makes up the vast majority of readings, and it is of course the most important information that we can and should share with as many people as possible.) But ANY analyst HAS to know about the more advanced topics too, has to be able to give an overview and answer questions about it. This is why ALL levels (in an overview format) are included in the original analyst training.

The licence for advanced readings (lines, partnership, transit, cycles and crosses) requires more time and further trainings, following the basic trainings for analysts.

So – WE TRAIN ANALYSTS – to start with, and PROFESSIONALS later on. Our courses are structured so that the professional courses are the ‘upgrade’ of the analyst courses. This works very well, the German speaking professionals are well known for their expertise and success…!

We are offering a complete round of analyst training, level 1 to level 4 (ATL 1 – ATL 4) by a little group of highly qualified international HD experts: Martin Grassinger (Germany), Dr. Daniela Kasischke (Germany) and myself, Ilse Sendler (Austria). The courses will be in English and online. After completing the training and passing the little exam in the end students will be licensed and certified through the German Speaking HD School to give foundation readings.

Students will benefit from our many years of education and experience, we all were trained by Ra, starting in the 1990ies. (The 3 of us together offer well over 60 years of HD experience – take advantage of it!)


As stated before, you have to have a good basic understanding of Human Design, as taught in Living Your DesignRave ABC and Rave Cartography:
– Type, Strategy, Centers
– Calculation of a chart, conscious/unconscious activations, Circuitry, Hexagram Structure
– Self/Not-Self, Definition (Splits), Channels, Authority, Profile, Angle

ATL 1 – Analyst training level 1, February 21st – March 7th 2024

The GATES, with  Martin GRASSINGER
Video 1
(HDS education in general) Video 2 (about last years course)

Wednesdays and Thursdays, 4 hours each (30 min break)
February 21st, 22nd, 28th, 29th, March 6th 16:00 – 20:00 MET (15:00 – 19:00 GMT)
March 7th 18:00 – 20:00 MET (17:00 – 19:00 GMT)

700,- Euro

If you are repeating the course, if you have taken PTL 1 before, price is 50%.  

“To give a good and helpful foundation reading analysts need to understand the gates in all detail and depth, and know about lines in general. (Looking at every single line can easily be a distraction at this point of the HD education and can lead to confusion and unclear readings.)§

To make this course even more interesting Martin Grassinger will add his very special health aspects to the gates, to give you a wider understanding of the vital mechanics within the bodygraph and so put flesh to the bones.



ATL 2 – Analyst training level 2, May 21st – June 13th 2024

Incarnation CROSSES and Quarters, with ILSE SENDLER                              VIDEO (about the ATL training)

Eight 90 minute online lectures,
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 18:00 – 19:30 MEST (16:00 – 17:30 GMT)

600,- Euro
If you are repeating the course, or if you have taken PTL 2 before, price is 50%.

I like to call the crosses ‘the headline for life’! They represent 70% of what we are. No reading, not even an overview should do without looking at the individual cross. Crosses have a reputation of being complicated and mysterious – this is not the case if you start at the beginning and learn to grasp them from an overview perspective.

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ATL 3 – Analyst training level 3, PARTNERSHIP, November 12th – December 5th 2024

PARTNERSHIP and Transits, with Dr. Daniela Kasischke,  

 8 online lectures, 2 hours each,
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10:00 – 12:00 MET (9:00 – 11:00 GMT)

Interaction – with beings or transits is a crucial theme in life. How do we function with others, and why do we seem to function differently at different times? Knowing about how we condition others and how we are conditioned should be clear to everyone who gets a reading.

check your TIMEZONE

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ATL 4 – Analyst training level 4, 2024/25

Rave Reading and Keynoting , Ilse Sendler 

18 – 20 online lectures, 90 minutes each
date to be announced (will be arranged with ATL 3 participants)

1100,- Euro
If you are repeating the course, if you have taken ATL 4 or PTL 4 before, price is 50%.

After the content comes the application. It is not enough to have all the information, you also have to be able to structure it, to paint the complete picture, to speak and present the reading in a clear way, and of course to know about the HDS software and technical devices to produce a good reading.


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