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Living Your Design

The Human Design Basics
This is the next step after your personal analysis (Human Design Foundation Reading). You will learn about Human Design in general, the ‘Rave Chart’, Type and Strategy, the Centers, the traps of the mind etc. and how to use these basic mechanics to perfect your life and your relationships.

Analyst Training

Human Design Education starts with:

  • ‘Living Your Design’ followed by two foundation courses:
  • 1) ‘Rave ABC’ and
  • 2) ‘Rave Cartography’.

Followed by the actual Analyst Training:
The European ‘Small Courses’, Analyst Training (ATL 1 to 4), This trains and licenses you to give Foundation Readings.

The ‘Professional Training’ (PTL 1 to 4) is about advanced Readings (Partnership, Crosses, Transits, Cycles). You can update anytime, your Analyst Training courses will be taken into account.


Special Interest Courses

Additional or parallel to the Human Design Analyst trainings there are many other fascinating topics you can indulge in

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